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  • Responsive service by professionals. CBS provides quick responses to all of our customers' needs. Orders are handled by knowledgeable professionals.
  • Competitive product pricing. Due to our reputation earned with US and Canadian suppliers through clear, accurate and precise ordering, and timely payment, we can negotiate the best possible prices for our customers.
  • Excellent consolidation/shipping services and prices. We pride ourselves in our ability to consolidate shipments in the most effective manner to minimize freight costs -- and compound these effects through our close relationship with all of the leading shipping lines.
  • Arranging full-service visits. For customers visiting the U.S. to finalize a project, whether a single home residence or major hotel, we can arrange a full-service visit including Airport pick-up, on-the-beach hotel accommodations at special VIP rates, and site and office visits to finalize the selection of all materials. We follow-up with a detailed itemized proposal for your review.
  • Excellent documentation. We know that accurate timely documentation is a must and we strive to achieve this every time. Our computer system tracks orders accurately and produces Caricom or commercial invoices for only the items being shipped. We have an excellent record and pride ourselves on having relevant documents in the hands of the consignee before the shipment arrives whenever possible.

Our product line is continually growing with every conceivable material that is used in construction -- from foundation to finishes.

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